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Billboard advertising

It is always necessary to think well in advance, at least one month in advance for planning and purchasing outdoor advertising and if the client wants to order advertising space on carriers that are placed in the most visible places, it is necessary to order these areas several months in advance. The minimum duration of an outdoor campaign is 14 days (smaller carriers) and 1 calendar month (billboards, bigboards). The price of outdoor advertising is defined by the price per 1 carrier and the format of the selected carrier.

Outdoor advertising, so called out of home (OOH), is all media that appear in public spaces, e.g. billboards, street light poles, benches, posters at public transport stops, frames in public transport, benches, stickers/posters in restaurants, fitness centres, etc. The strongest player on the Czech market that provides OOH advertising is BigBoard Prague. In addition to BigBoard, OOH advertising is also provided by JC Decaux, euroAWK, Super Poster, Mediapharma OOHTV, POS Media, Railreklam. The basic price is determined by the area, location, type of carrier or network of areas/carriers. As a rule, outdoor advertising is ordered for a minimum of 14 days - 30 days (depending on the type of carrier or network of carriers) - 14 days (CLV, benches, subway frames, street light poles, posters at public transport stops), 30 days (Billboards, Bigboards).

The advantage of outdoor advertising is long-term visibility, which is ideal for image campaigns, this is especially true for large advertising media (billboards, bigboards). Another advantage is undoubtedly the possibility to choose targeting (nationally or regionally), the so-called geographical flexibility. The disadvantage of roadside media is the short time it takes for drivers in particular to view and read the content of the message on the media (billboards, bigboards), so it is a good idea to place content on these surfaces with a concise and simply graphic message. If the client would like to have outdoor advertising during the autumn and winter months, it is good to keep in mind that not all carriers are illuminated and during this period it is quite crucial in terms of the visibility of the advertisement. Another big disadvantage is that there is no uniform research for the Czech market for outdoor advertising in terms of measuring advertising impact.


Outdoor advertising formats:

Billboard - traditional carrier, dimensions 510x240 cm

Bigboard - now also a traditional carrier, dimensions 960x360 cm

CLV (City-light showcases) - traditional carrier that is illuminated, dimensions 118,5x175 cm

Large-scale carriers - non-standard carriers (backlights, super sites, megaboards, hypercubes, gigaboards, tarpaulins and shields, city banners, large screens, water and gas tanks, advertising balloons, inflatable banners)

Other carriers - these carriers are located in the streets of cities (rolling boards, newspaper stands, media ups, phone booths, advertising benches, navigation boards, neon lights, clocks, bridge structures, advertising light posts, poster surfaces, advertising rotundas, tubes)

Carriers in public transport - buses, trolleybuses and trams of public transport, trains, advertising at transport stops, advertising on tickets and seat tickets, advertising in trains, tickets and seat tickets ČSAD EKO advertising, wifi in public transport cars

Advertising media in targeted locations - music clubs, restaurants, cinemas, hair and beauty salons, sports centres, tennis and squash centres, bowling centres, golf courses, swimming pools, medical facilities, schools, post offices, municipal offices, traffic inspectorates, airports, petrol stations, supermarkets - out store, supermarkets - in store, shopping centres, medical facilities, LCD panels and plasma screens.

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