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Print advertising

Planning and purchasing of print advertising has its own specifics. For an advertising campaign in print media (newspapers, magazines), it is necessary to allow for a time reserve, but this time reserve depends on the periodicity of the title. For daily and weekly newspapers and magazines that are published daily (except Sundays), it is possible to buy advertising space practically a week in advance, provided that the client has prepared the documents. However, a larger time reserve should be taken into account for magazines that have a publication periodicity of 14 days, 1 month, 2 months, etc. Because the planning of advertising in these titles is dependent on the periodicity (e.g. if the client wants to have an advertisement in a monthly magazine (published once a month), it is necessary to deliver the documents no later than 15-20 days before its publication). The price of print advertising is defined by a single parameter, i.e. the format of the advertisement = full page (1/1), from which the price of smaller or larger formats (1/2 page, 1/3 page, 1/4 page, double page 2/1, etc.) is determined. In order to plan the campaign, the client must determine the timing of the campaign, the format and the target group, according to which he/she will choose the most suitable title for the advertisement.

In the Czech market we have several large publishers who sell print media. The main players on the market include Czech News Center, Mafra, Vltava Labe Media, Borgis, Economia, their market share is around 90%, the remaining 10% of the market share belongs to thematic publishers RF Hobby, Empresa Media. We divide print media into two types of press, namely daily newspapers and magazines. All large publishing houses cover both daily newspapers and magazines. The thematic publishers publish only magazines. As with the other media types, publishers have had to adapt to digitalisation and the lifestyle of readers, i.e. most print titles (dailies, magazines) have a web version (or online version) and therefore clients' media communication is carried out both in print versions and on the online pages of the titles. The readership of all print media is measured by the Media Project's print readership survey, which measures the readership of print titles in the population aged 12-79.

The advantage of print advertising is that readers have the opportunity to read their newspapers and magazines at any time in print titles, compared to websites where individual articles are updated throughout the day. The same is true for the advertising space, where in the print media the reader has the advertisement in sight at all times, whereas on the website of the titles the advertisement changes in seconds, as there are dozens of clients' advertisements rotating. Another advantage of advertising in print media is the precise targeting of the intended target group based on Media Project's measurement of the audience of print titles. If you want to reach a mass of readers with your advertisement, it is good to use advertising in newspapers that are able to build a mass reach very quickly, if you want to target e.g. the target group Men 30-60, it is definitely appropriate to use titles/magazines designed for male readers. Last but not least, regional targeting is another advantage, i.e. you can choose to advertise only in the region you need for your ad.

The disadvantage is the quite high cost of reaching a given target group, as you are also paying to reach all readers. Also, the long lead times for clients to deliver submissions to individual titles can be a limitation.

In order to plan a quality, effective print campaign, it is important to know your business goals and develop a product/brand strategy so that you can choose titles that will support your goals and achieve them. If you want to have an advertisement for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and increase sales, it is definitely a good idea to use newspaper advertisements as they reach the mass population. If you want to have image advertising to promote the product/brand, advertising in selected titles/magazines that correspond with the defined target group is definitely recommended. If you want to build brand awareness, it is important to plan advertising over a longer period, i.e. in multiple titles for at least 2 months.

Formats of print advertising:

Print advertising is differentiated according to the size of the advertising space - 1/1 (full page), 1/2 (half page), 1/3 (third page), 1/4 (quarter page). The basic price is set for the 1/1 format, i.e. full-page

Advertorial - this is a paid advertisement that "looks" like an article and this format tries to approximate an editorial article/text. This format is used in campaigns where the benefits of the product/brand being communicated need to be explained and described in more detail.

Insertion (sampling) - insertion/pasting of product samples, flyers into selected titles

Fake front page - this format is actually an advertising cover that simulates the front page of selected titles


Media concepts:

GRP (Gross Rating Point) - this unit is used to measure the viewership of programmes. 1 GRP = reach 1% of the target group, e.g. the size of the target group/viewers aged 15+ is 8,600,000, i.e. 1 GRP in this target group means a reach of 86,000 viewers

TRP (Target Rating Point) - this unit is used to measure the viewership of a specific target group. As with GRP, 1 TRP = reach 1% of a specific target group, e.g. the size of the target group Women 20-49 years is 3,500,000, i.e. 1 TRP in this target group means reaching 35,000 women 20-49 years

Net Reach - is the percentage of the target group reached at least once during the campaign, i.e. e.g. a Net Reach of 20% means that 20% of the target group saw the advert once

Affinity (Target Affinity Index/suitability) = an index that describes the suitability of a selected title for a specific target group and is the ratio between GRP and TRP (TRP/GRP = affinity)

Sociodemographics - print advertising can be targeted by age, gender, education, place of residence, size of residence, household income, etc. 

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